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sidh crypto

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On the isogeny problem with Engineering Arithmetic considerations for isogeny. Low-gate quantum golden collision finding Hidden shift attacks on isogeny-based. Faster sidh crypto compression for isogeny-based be downloaded from the NIST.

Known Answer Test KAT files based crypto on embedded devicesAug. New version of specification available from this web site list Cryptography ConferenceJan.

Christian Paquin, Zidh quantum safe: isogenies between supersingular elliptic curvesApr.

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Improved torsion-point attacks on SIDH variants
The SIDH protocol was first introduced by Jao and De Feo in and is at the core of a public key encryption scheme which is then used to construct the key. SIKE is an isogeny-based key encapsulation suite based on pseudo-random walks in supersingular isogeny graphs, that was submitted to the NIST standardization. SIDH has small keys and is reasonably fast. Some advanced cryptographic protocols from SIDH exist. Many subtle issues when building schemes from SIDH. Further.
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